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Mars 2001:

Following a number of unilateral decisions by the company affecting the way the Alcan Pension Plan (APP) is handled, a group of some 40 retired executives created an association tasked with the mission to defend the rights and interests of pensioners and surviving spouses.

May 2001:

General assembly of retirees in our pension plan, creation of a temporary committee, and appointment of an acting president.

August 2001:

Receipt of the official letters patent recognizing the Association as a non-profit organization grouping together Alcan retiree members of the APP and surviving spouses.

October 2001:

First official general assembly of the association bringing together 150 retired beneficiaries of the APP and election of a board of directors.

Since 2002:

Regarding the Rio Tinto Alcan Pension Plan (RTAPP):

Regarding legislation:

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