The mission of the Association of Rio Tinto Alcan Retirees is to protect the heritage and defend the rights and interests of all our members. To fulfill our mission, the Association must

  • Meet with Rio Tinto Alcan management to keep track of the RTAPP fund’s performance, enquire about the investment strategy, and claim indexation.

  • Keep a very close eye on pending legislations that could negatively affect our pension plan.

  • Make representations to the provincial and federal governments to improve the legislation and/or regulations that protect defined-benefit pension plans.

  • Maintain our own expertise on the medical plan and help pensioners having trouble with their claims.

  • Assist pensioners with problems relating to their monthly pension.

  • Inform and be attentive to members.

To help us better fulfill our mission, the Association joined forces with the Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP), 250,000 members, and the Fédération de l’Âge d’Or du Québec (FADOQ), 315,000 members, to bolster our influence with both levels of government.

We are also a member of the Centre Québécois de Regroupement des Associations (CQRA) to benefit from the services available to associations.

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Defending the rights and interests of our members