Member meeting

Delegate members of your board of directors periodically meet with RCRA members to share the information available and discuss member concerns.





Alma November, 7 Secrétariat des syndicats nationaux
d’Alma, Salle Jean-Marie-Ouellet
Nicol Tremblay, Maire-Anne Tremblay
Vancouver, Victoria September, 26 Victoria Golf Club Danièle Beaudoin, Denis Bernard
Kitimat September, 25 Riverlodge Rec Center Danièle Beaudoin, Denis Bernard
Beauharnois September, 18 Maîson des Aînés Denis Audy, Martial Villeneuve
La Baie October, 24 Restaurant La Normande Jean Aubut, Robert Tremblay, Gilles Dufour
Kingston November, 19 Cataraqui Golf Club Danièle Beaudoin, Denis Bernard
Montreal November, 18 Centre Communautaire La Résurrection, 7685, boul. Milan, Brossard, QC 9h00 Danièle Beaudoin, Denis Bernard
Saguenay November, 14 Le Calypso, Jonquière Danièle Beaudoin, Serge Lavoie, Christian Jolicoeur
Shawinigan September, 19 Salle des Ainés Denis Audy, Martial Villeneuve

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